heading back to school

I’m finally posting again on here, I’m sorry that its been so long! But with school starting up again for most people – mine already has 😦 I decided to put together some back to school outfits for you! I love wearing cute outfits for school but I also love comfort and simplicity, so I have some easy looks that I hope you can get inspiration from (:

Necklace – Aeropostale
Boyfriend Jeans – American Eagle White V-neck – Probably Target

Boyfriend jeans are life. They’re oh so comfortable and a staple item for the back to school season! Pair ’em with a plain shirt and accessorize away!

Top – Forever 21 Shorts – American Eagle
Sandals – Mariella
Top – Tj Maxx Shorts – American Eagle

I’ve been obsessed with tops like this! I love the long wide sleeves and interesting patterns; throw a top like this on with a simple pair of shorts or jeans and head out the door. And of course you’ve gotta have a pair of strappy sandals!

Pants – American Eagle
White V-Neck – Nordstrom

I’m so in love with long, billowy pants like these! They’re super cute but basically feel like pajamas. And you can never go wrong with a white v-neck 🙂

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