fourth of july in style

For my American readers, we all know that a special day is coming up…… THE FOURTH OF JULY!!! A day full of patriotism, fun, and fireworks is upon us and I can truly say that I love the country that I am from. My love for it has grown even stronger, finally love is love from sea to shining sea. We are the land of the free and the home of the brave, I have put together some outfits that help capture the essence of just that.DSC01014
DSC01009 DSC01017


Nothing says America more than a red tank, jean shorts, and converse. Add festive socks, bandanas, leis, or shoes to add more to the outfit!

tank – forever 21

shorts – DIY

lei – walmart

shoes – converse

socks – dollar tree


DSC01037 DSC01030


This is for my girls who complain that they have nothing in their closet to wear on the fourth. A simple white tank and some high-waisted shorts are in everyone’s closet. Add some red, white, and blue accessories and you’re good to go! (DOLLAR STORES HAVE TONS OF GREAT STUFF)

tank – forever 21

lei – walmart

shorts – DIY

shoes – target

purse – american eagle

DSC01068 DSC01069 DSC01065


If you’re going to be spending your day by the water, like I’ll be doin; a bikini, shorts, and shades are all you need! I love this reversible top – stripes on one side, stars on the other! And a pair of white shorts will make you look super tan

bikini – target

shorts – american eagle

sunglasses – rayban

DSC01078 DSC01081

DSC01091 DSC01095 DSC01097

Rompers are definitely my favorite thing for the summer! They’re so easy to throw on and effortlessly look put-together. This over sized paisley romper is a perfect coverup and outfit for the fourth!

romper – walmart

bikini – walmart

sunglasses – rayban

sandals – mariella

DSC01102 DSC01106

DSC01108 DSC01109

For my girly girls, a skater skirt and halter top can never be a bad combination… but a JEAN skater skirt and red and white striped halter???? Destined for greatness.

top – forever 21

skirt – forever 21

shoes – target


DSC01124 DSC01129 DSC01133

Thousands of girls across the country will probably be in crop tops and high-waisted shorts with a red flannel tied around their waists – I thought I’d be a tiny bit different… This tee has some converse with stars and stripes and I, of course, had to bring out my Trues (for the stitching of the American flag DUH).

top – boutique

flannel – thrifted

shorts – true religion 

sweet summer time

Summer is with no doubt my favorite time of the year. I always feel so free, like there’s endless possibilities for my day. And even though I know it’s not true, it seems as if it’s infinite – that these long exhilarating summer days will last forever. I also feel as if you can play with your style; experimenting with new trends and especially in this season, creating your own clothing. Summer makes me feel a freedom and happiness that doesn’t typically come along with the colder months and that is why it is oh so sweet.

DSC00577 DSC00580 DSC00581 DSC00592DSC00598 DSC00593 DSC00603

I love this look so much. It’s based off such a simple look, high-waisted shorts and a plain tank, but you can add your own flair with an assortment of jewelry. Adding texture (this crocheted kimono) and patterns (these upholstered boots), transforms an everyday boring look into something so much cuter and personalized.

tank – forever 21

shorts – DIY

jewelry – assorted

kimono – tj maxx

boots – pacsun
DSC00675 DSC00684 DSC00713 DSC00641 DSC00648 DSC00687

Ahhhhhhhh omg why is she wearing white on white?!?!? This look is so refreshing and summery. Sometimes all white can be a bit overwhelming but with the lil show of my stomach and the big silver buttons on these super cute shorts, it breaks up the monochromatic look. I threw on a bright blue fringe purse and intricate cuff to add some color to the blank canvas.

top – forever 21

shorts – american eagle

purse – american eagle

cuff – world market


DSC00799 DSC00802 DSC00804 DSC00827


Outfits are all about taking base pieces and adding unique accessories to spice them up. This knit tank and slightly oversized black shorts are a super easy ensemble, but add this super cool belt and BAM instantly more fashionable and intriguing.

top – forever 21

shorts – DIY

belt – urban outfitters

DSC00831 DSC00856 DSC00862DSC00850DSC00853DSC00852

Flowy shorts are a necessity for my summer wardrobe, they’re super comfy and moveable (not too mention super cute). Also high-neck tops are all the rave, balancing out the cropped shirt and short shorts with a modest and ultra stylish neckline.

top – american eagle

shorts – urban outfitters

earrings – world market

backpack – target