hollywood hills and the beach

Today was a great day. We were planning on hiking up to the Hollywood sign, but were unaware that it would take three hours… TOTALLY unprepared for such a long hike, we found a decent alternative. We came across a dog park with a great view of the prominent Hollywood sign and stayed to take a few (million) touristy pictures. Also (if you’ve never done it before), driving around in the Hollywood Hills and Beverly Hills is a surprisingly thrilling pastime! The homes are absolutely breathing and it was so much fun driving around the neighborhoods gawking in awe at the mansions. We did that for about an hour and then made our way to Venice Beach where we walked around looking at all the vendors and shops for a good couple of hours.

Southern California is filled with palm trees and graffiti. Both of which give me an odd sense of happiness and are things that I find an insane amount of beauty in. Vivid colors and words that most think of as hideous defacement, I see as art that gives places so much more character. There were so many views that I found absolutely captivating today and just HAD to capture on camera to share with you all:)

DSC03648 DSC03666

DSC03694 DSC03696

“face it, you are lovely and that has nothing to do with your beautiful face.”

DSC03707 DSC03729 DSC03715

DSC03685 DSC03714

DSC03719 DSC03720


DSC03751 DSC03740

DSC03748 DSC03731


DSC03758 DSC03704

top – forever 21

shorts – diy

backpack – target

shoes – h&m

bathing suit top – victoria’s secret

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