fall outfit ideas: alternatives to sweatshirts and jeans

It’s been pretty cold lately. And with the cold, we’re inclined to throw on sweats and a sweatshirt – completely sacrificing our fashion sense to keep warm and stay comfy… But what if I told you that there are a ton of super easy and adorable alternatives to your typical lazy-day outfit???

Sooooo leather jackets are a total necessity once it starts cooling down. I wear them maybe a little too much (so you can expect to see a bunch more outfits styling them). Throw on a leather jacket and boyfriend jeans for an automatically chic, sophisticated, and timeless look.

This outfit isn’t as warm as the others, but perfect if you live somewhere that hasn’t gotten TOO cold yet (like California). If it’s colder where you live, you can totally layer up and wear a long-sleeve under or a cute coat over. I absolutely love this jacket – it gives off such a cool and urban feel. I paired it with these skinny jeans that I cut up (one of my favorite pairs) and these awesome Steve-Madden-esque’ flats.

I have recently re-kindled my love for turtle necks. But any huge sweater looks great tucked in slightly to some high-waisted pants! Plus you get the luxury of feeling like you’re wearing a blanket while looking super put together 🙂


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