new beginnings

Oh, what a year. A year of growth and a year of change. Moving away to school and finding myself and my passions. I’m finally continuing my blog and shifting my priorities with it – no longer focusing on having an abundance of material things; cheap trendy clothes that I’ll wear once then be tired of. Instead, I plan to highlight special pieces I’ve found, along with the art and nature all around me. To write about music, of places and people. A little journal, per se, of my future experiences and my present thoughts. I’m so excited to carry this on into the new year and shape my website to project the person that I’ve become. Here are some photos that captured some of the moments of the last few months:


Also, check out my depop for some rad clothes I’m selling! I’ll be adding a bunch more while I’m home for Christmas break!

Much love, thanks for stickin around ❤