spring closet clean-out: tips n tricks

It’s beginning to warm up and truly feel like Spring, eliciting the much dreaded (but much needed) tradition of spring cleaning. Now this can be a chore, or you can make it just a lil more enjoyable!


Now, for me and probably most of you, getting started is the most difficult part. Once I’m up and at it, I can go for hours and actually ENJOY cleaning my room or closet…. but it’s typically this first step that I can never seem to get past. Therefore, accomplishing nada.

Crank up some tunes, make yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee (i’ve tried to cut caffeine out but let’s face it, I just won’t succeed), open up your curtains, maybe get up and dance a bit, then face the task at hand.


It’s almost impossible to clean out a closet or do a project on a specific part of your room if you can barely walk through it to begin with. Spend about 5 or 10 minutes picking up little messes, hanging up clothes, and making your bed. You may think “why bother???” but it will definitely make the whole process way easier and less stressful if you’re working in a clear space


STEP ONE: go through your closet and decide what items you don’t like or wear anymore, what doesn’t fit, and what you would like to keep

(from left to right) shorts that I don’t wear anymore, ones that don’t fit, and ones that I want to keep


STEP TWO: Sort everything you’re getting rid of into a donate and sell pile! For a broke high school student with no job that has to pay for her own gas, selling old clothes is definitely the way to go! Try selling your clothing that is hardly worn or still in good condition online and donate your older things! Those that don’t sell, you can end up donating as well


Often times when cleaning out my closet, I find things I’ve never worn before or forgot I had. Take these pieces out and put them in the front of your closet or on a rack if you have one. This way, you can reincorporate these lost pieces into your everyday wardrobe (it’ll maybe even seem as if you’ve recently been on a huge shopping spree???)


Hope some of these tips help ya out and motivate you to clean out and organize those wardrobes of yours! Happy spring cleaning!