new beginnings

Oh, what a year. A year of growth and a year of change. Moving away to school and finding myself and my passions. I’m finally continuing my blog and shifting my priorities with it – no longer focusing on having an abundance of material things; cheap trendy clothes that I’ll wear once then be tired of. Instead, I plan to highlight special pieces I’ve found, along with the art and nature all around me. To write about music, of places and people. A little journal, per se, of my future experiences and my present thoughts. I’m so excited to carry this on into the new year and shape my website to project the person that I’ve become. Here are some photos that captured some of the moments of the last few months:


Also, check out my depop for some rad clothes I’m selling! I’ll be adding a bunch more while I’m home for Christmas break!

Much love, thanks for stickin around ❤

oregon roadtrip

Now this post is a little late… I’ve been home for a while now but I thought I’d still share all of these photos from my fun lil family road trip (RV and everything) to Oregon! It was such a stunning place, and it was great experiencing nature and all the cute places up North. I didn’t focus too much on put-together-looking outfits, in part because we were living out of an RV for the week and practically camping, but the layered and laid-back looks I put together have stuck with me and shaped my fall outfits. I’ve basically just been throwing sweaters onto of shirts (with the shirts sticking out a bit) and layers on layers. So here are a fraction of the photos I took – of the beautiful outdoors, cute lil towns, delicious (vegan) food, and a bunch of shots of me living in denim… beginning with views from the back window on the road.


peace out Oregon, I miss your rainy days, but I’ll be back for sure.

scarf styling

Nothing in the world is better than going through your grandmother’s clothes when they’re moving and finding amazing pieces. I found an array of items in her never ending racks, but (gotta give credit where credit is due) my momma found this beautiful little scarf amongst all her things. And a scarf this stunning calls for a pretty pink sweater with a lil lace peeking out from under, distressed shorts (to make the look a tad more casual), and a pair of velvet black flats (THAT I GOT FOR $10 AT A THRIFT STORE???!!). Hope you all enjoy this look and play with the trend yourself 🙂

sweater – gifted by a friend (Nordstrom’s I believed but don’t quote me on it)

scarf – vintage

shorts – DIY

flats – J Crew

urban girl: handcrafted top

This is a slightly more “urban” and colorful look than I’m usually sporting but I am OBSESSED with it. I basically lived in this hat from Urban all summer along with my favorite lil purse from Forever 21. I made this top a super long time ago and found it again when I cleaned my closet, so of course I had to feature it in a post! You can easily put a more boho flair on this shirt (maybe I’ll do a post on little tweaks to change up the style around the same article of clothing?? Anybody interested??). And I always love me a nice off the shoulder look and “holy” jean.

top – handmade

jeans – DIY

shoes – Converse

hat – Urban Outfitters

sunglasses – Forever 21

purse – Forever 21

cuff – either Forever 21 or H&M (I’m sorry I forgot!!!)

leotard time!

 I think leotards with high-wasited jeans or shorts looks SOOOO chic. For this look I styled my black shorts with a vintage leotard that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE (slightly inconvenient when you have to go to the bathroom but so cute that I can muster the strength to power through). I paired it with a pair of black cutout booties with bronze details (I didn’t get a photo but will try to insert one soon) and played up the black and bronze even further through all my jewelry! Prepare yourself for a heap of summer outfit ideas over the next couple weeks… they’re comin for ya!

Happy Summer to you all! Enjoy 🙂

leotard – my grandma’s closet

shorts – DIY

bracelets – Earthbound

black and bronze necklace – world market

sunny in san francisco


I’ve had a foreign exchange student from Germany for the past year, Felicia, and her family arrived last week to tour California before they all go back home 😦 But, on the upside, we all get to go on a bunch of road trips together! A few days ago, we hit the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and yesterday, we roamed around the beautiful streets of San Fransisco. We took them to do all the touristy things like walk on the Golden Gate Bridge, shop around Union Square, and see China Town and Little Italy! It was a tad windy near the water, but such an amazing and sunny day.

It’s usually a little too cold to get away with jean shorts when I visit SF, but with a sweater and my trusty jean jacket, I was just fine yesterday! I tend to want to dress a lil more urban in the city, but I still like remaining true to my style. I mixed my more laid-back boho pieces (the fringe sweater and DIYed shorts) and topped them with white, clean accessories (my favorite purse, snake patterned flats, and my SUPER COOL sunnies). To play on this combination of styles, I paired some modern silver rings with my vintage-looking ones. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE RINGS. I feel naked without them. I also wanted to exercise the jean on jean trend, and I think these washes go splendidly with one another.

sweater – stitch and feather

jacket – thrifted

shorts – DIY

purse – forever 21

sunglasses – forever 21

shoes – H&M

summertime fine

Summertime is here! Which means endless freedom, sundresses, and sandals… three of the very best things. Urban Outfitters had a 30% off all dresses sale a couple of weeks ago, so of course I had to take advantage of it and got this cute lil off the shoulder piece. When throwing on a dress, it’s all about the accessories to make an outfit more interesting! I opted for my lace up sandals (a style I’m totally obsessed with and NEED to get more of), a necklace I made, a bunch of random bronze rings and a bracelet, and my favorite white purse! I threw up the top section of my hair into a messy, little ponytail and was good to go.

dress – Urban Outfitters

sandals – Target

necklace – handmade

cuff – Urban Outfitters

purse – Forever 21

spring closet clean-out: tips n tricks

It’s beginning to warm up and truly feel like Spring, eliciting the much dreaded (but much needed) tradition of spring cleaning. Now this can be a chore, or you can make it just a lil more enjoyable!


Now, for me and probably most of you, getting started is the most difficult part. Once I’m up and at it, I can go for hours and actually ENJOY cleaning my room or closet…. but it’s typically this first step that I can never seem to get past. Therefore, accomplishing nada.

Crank up some tunes, make yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee (i’ve tried to cut caffeine out but let’s face it, I just won’t succeed), open up your curtains, maybe get up and dance a bit, then face the task at hand.


It’s almost impossible to clean out a closet or do a project on a specific part of your room if you can barely walk through it to begin with. Spend about 5 or 10 minutes picking up little messes, hanging up clothes, and making your bed. You may think “why bother???” but it will definitely make the whole process way easier and less stressful if you’re working in a clear space


STEP ONE: go through your closet and decide what items you don’t like or wear anymore, what doesn’t fit, and what you would like to keep

(from left to right) shorts that I don’t wear anymore, ones that don’t fit, and ones that I want to keep


STEP TWO: Sort everything you’re getting rid of into a donate and sell pile! For a broke high school student with no job that has to pay for her own gas, selling old clothes is definitely the way to go! Try selling your clothing that is hardly worn or still in good condition online and donate your older things! Those that don’t sell, you can end up donating as well


Often times when cleaning out my closet, I find things I’ve never worn before or forgot I had. Take these pieces out and put them in the front of your closet or on a rack if you have one. This way, you can reincorporate these lost pieces into your everyday wardrobe (it’ll maybe even seem as if you’ve recently been on a huge shopping spree???)


Hope some of these tips help ya out and motivate you to clean out and organize those wardrobes of yours! Happy spring cleaning!

spring transitions

Today’s ensemble was a lil different than what I’m normally sporting. It’s still chilly here in California in the morning, but wayyyy too hot for a jacket by the afternoon.  I decided to finally put together an outfit with this awesome jacket that I bought over a year ago and had yet to wear (how I never wore it, I’m not sure) to deal with the transitioning seasons. I’ve also had these ultraaaaa baggy boyfriend jeans hanging around my room that I held up with a belt and tucked a self-made burgundy shirt into.

I am definitely not a belt person. To be honest, I actually rather despise them unless they are really beautiful and elaborate (typically making them unfunctional). Well, these bad boy baggy jeans definitely needed to be belted off – so I did it with this brand new black belt that I bought in SF last weekend. Both cute and functional…I finally found my match.

To top it off, I threw on an excessive amount of bronze rings, a little choker, and my reliable old chelsea boots. With my hair in a middle part, it completed this fun and laid-back winter-to-spring look! Hope you all enjoy my photos among these beautiful mustard flowers.

what I’m wearing:

top – self-made

jeans – DIY

belt – boutique

jacket – forever 21

boots – target 

a day in old sac

Decided to go on a little road trip with these cute friends of mine 🙂 We left behind our boring home town for the day and spent it walking up and down the old, planked sidewalks of Old Sacramento. There were so many adorable shops and way too many places to stop and take pictures, we just had to take advantage of it.

Never be scared to pair cream and white!!! With the mixture of textures, it can make for the perfect ensemble. I threw on these boyfriend jeans, a classic pair of Chelsea boots, and carried around this super cute backpack (definitely the cutest and most functional substitute for a purse EVER) to complete the outfit. Hope you all enjoy these photos from today!!!

top – brandy melville

jeans – american eagle